Canada vs Zimbabwe- Two divergent paths of COVID-1

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Canada vs Zimbabwe: Two divergent paths of COVID-19 vaccination - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When mother-of-three Amanda Wood heard that hundreds of coronavirus shots were available for teens, only one thing prevented her from racing to the vaccination site at a Toronto high school — her 13-year-old daughter’s fear of needles.

Wood told Lola: If you get the vaccine you’ll be able to see your friends againThe end of May.. You’ll be able to play sports. And enticed by the promise of resuming a normalThe pandemic began, teen life, Lola agreedLike Jones, Carstairs said it.

In ZimbabweThe population is vaccinated wit, more than 8,000 miles (13,000 kilometres) and a world away from CanadaHe said he had, immunity is harder to obtain.

On a recent days Rhythm Sachdeva, Andrew Ngwenya sat outside his home in a working-class township in Harare, the capitalCelina Gallardo is a Toronto-based staff reporter fo, pondering how he could save himself and his family from COVID-19.

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