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Siemens smart meter energy management solution selects Blackfin

increasing the use of smart meters in local and nationwide power supply systems is the key to achieving accurate and reliable power management. Suppose there is such a local electricity bill, which not only contains the electricity charge information of each month in which the refueling speed will be very slow, but also clearly lists the electricity charge and energy usage generated by date and time and by the classification of electrical appliances consumed. A more ideal situation is to assume that the power company can use the ability of collecting these real-time information to provide a substantial discount for those users who change their power consumption time from peak hours to non peak hours. For example, users who use washing machines at 9 p.m. instead of 6:30 p.m. can feedback their power credit limit. Siemens automatic meter reading information system (AMIS) uses ADI's Blackfin Processor at the core of its "smart meter" technology. Liu Dunwei, general manager of Tongling grisea Tongguan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., said that the cost-effective computing performance has realized the above assumption. This will provide power companies and users with the ability to manage electricity charges at the same time, and finally realize the saving and use of precious electric energy resources

at the early stage of Amis design, Siemens realized that to achieve this goal, these smart meters need to provide extraordinary in meter processing capacity, dynamic and electrical integrated communication and real scalability at a lower unit price. Siemens chose Blackfin converged processor because it has the ability to work seamlessly as DSP and MCU at the same time, which is especially suitable for the high-processing and dynamic communication applications of media polymer materials with functional groups such as maleic anhydride added by Siemens Amis

"our intelligent meter reading solution Amis has been studied for many years," said alexanderschenk, Amis system business manager of the Distribution Department of Siemens' energy automation department. "ADI's Blackfin technology enables us to provide complex measurement and communication capabilities at the instrument level, thus realizing a real system wide energy management tool."

the low-cost Blackfin Processor has the ability to process the original real-time power consumption data at the instrument level and realize the communication between the instrument and the power, which can provide a one-stop, low-cost and easy to configure solution. As the deployment scope of Amis smart meters of power supply companies not only covers local electricity, Blackfin based meter components can also be easily upgraded through software to meet different local or national specific communication standards

data acquisition in the full power range and communication between power companies, electricity and users are the differentiated characteristics of Siemens Amis smart meters. By designing intelligent electricity meter devices based on Blackfin Processor, Amis has launched an electricity reform. The system can not only measure the electricity consumption of each family, but also expand to the entire energy chain ecosystem from power plants to users. In fact, the Blackfin based data concentrator in the local substation collects power consumption data in the form of second by second measurement, monitors the power and transmits the data to the control station. Siemens Amis has a unique self-sufficiency capability. The system uses power line technology to transmit data without the need for separate and expensive radio, interconnection or local exchange carriers, although Amis can also use these media if needed

the smart meter based on Blackfin can not only meet the current design requirements, but also prepare for the next generation of energy management technology, the integration of new totally different electrical equipment, and the promotion of the application of providing users with optional telecommunications quotas. With the development of future standards, these applications can be downloaded to instrument components based on Blackfin through electricity, so as to realize a seamless transmission

other energy usage such as gas and water can be integrated into the remote meter reading system through wireless communication. For example, in order to support the adoption of more and more alternative energy systems, Amis system instruments can control the electric energy transmitted from solar cells or power plants

the real beneficiary of intelligent instrument technology is the environment. Before the technology of realizing real-time intelligent meter reading appeared at a reasonable price, the existing information was insufficient, and it was impossible to find or correct the waste of energy. With the help of Blackfin's real-time energy collection and communication capabilities, the power company classifies the division according to its use, and now has the information needed to save energy, directly reducing carbon emissions in the environment

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