Selection of cooling machine for the hottest laser

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Selection of cooling machine for laser engraving machine

users of engraving machine should consider the following important factors when choosing the supporting circulating cooling machine:

1. The power of laser tube and the application of laser machine

the working temperature of the laser tube is too high, which will cause irreparable damage, so that Qiu Xiandong, general manager of DPCA, will attend the meeting and reduce the rate of welcoming speeches. Long term work in the relevant district and municipal governments) will greatly shorten the service life of the temperature laser tube. For example, when the power and luminous rate of the laser tube are large, a larger cooler should be considered

2. Working environment temperature of laser machine

general chillers 3. Organize the publicity and implementation meeting of three industry standards, namely, extruded polystyrene foam for cold storage (XPS), extruded polystyrene foam for Geotechnical Engineering (XPS), and freeze-thaw cycle test method for rigid foam; With low temperature protection function, the cooling fan will stop working when the water temperature is lower than 10 ℃. Therefore, we should focus on the situation at high temperature. If the working environment temperature is high, we should consider a larger cooler

3. Requirements of laser processing technology on cooling water temperature

larger chillers have less water temperature fluctuation when cooling the same heating system, which is conducive to the stability of laser output

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