The hottest recent European PVC market trends

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Recent developments in the European PVC market

Germany, Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, FD, northwest Europe, FOB, northwest Europe

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last week, although some manufacturers said that negotiations on certain prices had made progress, most of the PVC price negotiations in October were ongoing. The two producers have raised the price by 30-50 euros/ton in October. They admit that they have received a price increase of 10-15 euros/ton on the basis of the contract price so far, which has been reversed on the basis of some prices. Market feedback shows that the market trend may reverse in October, because middlemen are already complaining about how difficult it is for them to raise the resin price for their end-user market. Many manufacturers have no choice but to fail to meet the originally expected price increase. One manufacturer said that the negotiation of price rise would not succeed. In the spot market, what traders see is weak demand, especially in the pipeline level goods market. Users say their inventories of semi-finished products and finished products are quite rich. It is said that users are also reluctant to buy goods because they generally believe that prices may fall. The tightening in the US and Asian markets is also said to be a reason for the weakness in the European market. According to market news, Colombian and Mexican goods are said to have been supplied to Spain at a price of less than 700 euros/ton FD. Facing the threat of imported goods from Asia, the market negotiation is very limited, and I heard that there are some news about the supply of goods from Taiwan, but the price has always hovered in the US dollar/ton CFR Far East. The news indicates that the interest in exporting to Europe will grow rapidly, and the situation is inevitable. In Turkey, I heard that the selling price of Israeli goods for such reasons as cleaning up is lower than the official pipeline grade PVC price of major PVC manufacturers of $680/ton FCA Turkey - some news said that due to the pressure of imported goods, the official price in Turkey will decline soon. According to the market news this week, the prices of Spain, Portugal and Italy in October were basically unchanged from those in September. In Spain and Portugal, it is said that the price of some transactions fell by 15 euros/ton. It is said that the demand in Western Europe is very low, and there is little hope that this situation will change at least until the end of the year. A Mediterranean producer said he decided to cut production to avoid rising inventories and further declines in market prices. In the German market, it is said that manufacturers have fundamentally reversed the price trend, with prices rising by 10-15 euros/ton in September. Some sources pointed out that the new contract price of ethylene in the fourth quarter was 515 euros/ton in FD northwest Europe - down 25 euros/ton from the third quarter - which enabled buyers to continue to seek lower price transactions. Middlemen pointed out that they were unwilling to accept PVC with higher prices due to the expected cost reduction of manufacturers, slow transactions, limited plug-in force cycle experiments and engineering projects. In the market, the mood is also low. Pipeline buyers seek lower price goods due to the impact of Latin American goods on the market. 4. If the heat test fatigue failure is one of the most common failure situations in engineering structures, it is said that such goods have been supplied to Spain for inspection at a price lower than 700 euros/ton FD. According to traders in northwest Europe, the average spot price accounts for 700 euros/ton FD in northwest Europe. In the UK market, although major producers are seeking a price increase of £ 30/ton in October, they admit that this may not be accepted, mainly because middlemen are firmly opposed to such price increases. In the European market, it is believed that the pipeline market is particularly depressed due to the economic downturn. However, more professional products are said to be in strong demand, and some manufacturers say that the supply of products at some levels is tight. The PVC market basically looks slow. Some unplanned parking, either due to technical problems or social problems, makes the market balanced. The market outlook for November is bleak, and almost all the news is expected to reduce demand due to seasonality

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