The hottest recent polypropylene market in Asia

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Recent polypropylene market in Asia

recent polypropylene market in Asia is as follows: the overall soft materials in the letter have a long elongation after break, such as films

due to tight supply and high raw material prices, polypropylene (PP) suppliers propose to increase the price in November by $40-60 per ton to $1230-1300 (CFR Asia)

the lower resale price, the increase in interest rates in Chinese Mainland, the weakness of crude oil prices and the recent decline in the propylene spot market depressed the market, reducing speculative buying. The average polymer fiber grade/injection molding grade is shipped in November, and the price of small quantities of Korean goods is 11901 words per ton, in a word - $1220 (CFR Southeast Asia). The price of fiber grade and injection molding grade cargo shipped in Taiwan, China in November is about $1230 per ton of the company's first car, polar (CFR Southeast Asia)

bopp film grade products, the quotation of major suppliers for November shipment is US $1250-1260 per ton (CFR Asia); For iPP film grade products, the asking price of the two local suppliers for November shipment is US $1240-1260 per ton (CFR Asia), while the bid price of the buyer is US $1200-1210 per ton (CFR); The intended price of block copolymer suppliers in November is US $1270-1300 per ton (CFR Chinese Mainland/Southeast Asia)

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