The hottest recent propylene market in Asia

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Recent propylene market in Asia

recent propylene market in Asia is as follows:

overall market dynamics: traders began to stop their quotations, because it is expected that demand will increase after the U.S. incident. However, buyers did not dare to enter the market easily before making a more secure inquiry, and only took a wait-and-see attitude. With the increasingly clear market conditions, naphtha prices also began to spit back their gains. Facts have proved that propylene prices in Northeast Asia have little change, while those in Southeast Asia have only a slight upward trend

Northeast Asia: Chinese buyers have received shipping quotations from Japanese sellers, with prices ranging from $425 to $430 (CFR China). As the operating rate of polypropylene cracking unit in Japan is reduced, propylene shipments in Japan are relatively abundant. A market observer predicted that Japan could supply 30000 ~ 40000 tons of propylene per month. Today, we will give you a few tips to choose the key goods of single arm tension machine

Southeast Asia: the market situation in Northeast Asia is different from that in Northeast Asia. Due to the active trading, the supply in this region is tense. The start-up of the cracking unit in Indonesia has little impact on the region, although Indonesia has reduced market imports. It is said that Indonesia bought three ships of goods at a purchase price of US $425 (CFR Indonesia). A 1600 ton pressurized cargo was traded at US $425 (CFR Indonesia), and the cargo was delivered in mid October. Another 2600 ton shipment of Saudi refrigerated cargoes such as oxide skin and metal debris, which was shipped in mid September, also sold for $425 (CFR Indonesia)

contract price in Asia:

in the process of long-term use

import price in South Korea in the third quarter: a consensus has been reached between the Japanese contract seller and a regular importer in South Korea on the aggregate contract price in the third quarter, which is $415 (CFR South Korea). It is said that the contract price of chemical grade ranges from US $410 to US $415 (CFR Korea)

the contract price of the third quarter in South Korea: the transaction price of pipeline transportation is US $410, and the transaction price of shipping is US $415 in purchase time (CFR)

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