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On January 9, PP warehouse orders were launched in the morning. The development and batch trial production of rack steel extra thick plate, large wall thickness half chord pipe, large-size seamless support pipe, titanium alloy oil well pipe, X80 deep-sea water separation pipe and welding material, large-diameter deep-sea transmission hose, polar low-temperature steel, etc.

solutions to common faults of Jinan high and low temperature electronic universal testing machine, the oil price fell slightly by $0.93 on Thursday. Plastic PP warehouse receipts rose across the board today, and the disk was red. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0904 opened sharply higher at 6630 yuan/ton, and the price rose after the opening, with the latest price of 6710 yuan/ton. The strength of both parties is basically equal, and the trading atmosphere is still good. The K-line diagram shows that the entity has received a short positive line, and the position of the entity's center of gravity has been greatly improved compared with the previous trading day. The economic indicators of kdja class passenger cars that attach importance to interior trim show that the opening of the three lines is upward, with a trend of convergence. MACD indicators showed that the height of the red column increased slightly compared with the previous trading day

in the spot market, the current market is dominated by bad news, and the weakness is still difficult to reverse. At the same time, considering that the new year is approaching, the terminal demand of downstream manufacturers will shrink day by day due to the constraints of capital withdrawal and meager order profits. It is expected that the normal shutdown of PP bank in the near future will still be weak consolidation

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