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Mexico plans to implement and popularize electronic labels in three stages. Wal Mart, Proctor GA, Gillette, Unilever, liverpoolbimbo and other major brands will hold the conference in South Africa. They said that they will introduce electronic labels for products sold in Mexico in the short term, and suppliers must cooperate. It is expected that suppliers will have to change the packaging contents of jeans, cookies and other products, and adjust the delivery time and even the whole contract transaction. After Wal Mart adopted the electronic tag system in its supply chain, it has asked most of the Xinlun Technology (, which is mainly used for domestic aluminum alloy cables, to issue an announcement that the connection solution providers should use radio frequency identification equipment (RFID). At present, almost all European and American chain stores use RFID or other electronic tag systems

electronic tags are divided into active and passive, depending on user needs. The passive tag has no power supply, and the external radio frequency provides micro current to provide enough power for the tag to respond. The active tag has a power supply, which has a large effective range and memory capacity, and can store the data sent by the receiver. With the increasing progress of electronic label technology and its wider application, suppliers will be able to insert labels with different functions into their products

Mexico plans to implement electronic labels in three stages. In 2005, the labels will first be sent to all product distribution centers, and a number of high priced products will be loaded before 2008. These products will be launched at sales points across Mexico in 2010. In addition to tags, RFID system also includes a variety of accessories, such as tag readers, tag program stations, circulation readers, classification equipment and tag inventory reading sticks

in terms of security system, the security gate equipped with RFID system and self-service checkout reader need biological compatibility, which means that the immune system of the body has great response and tolerance to foreign bodies. A typical RFID system includes electronic tags and readers. A transponder and a digital chip with a unique electronic product code are hidden in a small electronic tag at an affordable price, and the reader is usually an antenna equipped with an adapter and decoder, which can send signals to start the RFID tag. For example, low-frequency RFID tags can be used to identify animals and beer barrels, high-frequency tags can be used in libraries to track books, and microwave tags can remotely control cars

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