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Recently, the mg/320-w new hydraulic haulage shearer jointly developed by Shandong Taishan Jianneng Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of the appraisal committee with shanghaitao, the director of the national coal industry technical committee and the former chief engineer of the Ministry of coal as the chairman. Chairman Shang Haitao also spoke highly of the project


320 new shearer was jointly developed by Taishan Jianneng company, China Coal Research Institute and Xinwen Mining Group. The shearer adopts the horizontal layout of multiple motors, which is the development trend of drum mining machine. The hydraulic traction system breaks the Convention. The pump box changes the long-term "wet chamber" layout and separation hydraulic components to the "dry chamber" layout, and selects the imported combined hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, so that the machine has the characteristics of convenient speed regulation and reversing control, complete and reliable operation protection, automatic stepless speed regulation, etc, The important disadvantage of the system and pipeline is the integration of the system completion and the degree of chaos, which realizes the innovation of the hydraulic system of the shearer. Mg/320-w Shearer has relatively independent functional components, building block combination, and small volume of main components, which is convenient for processing and manufacturing. It can be used to carry out tensile, contraction, bending, shearing, stripping and other mechanical property experiments on metal and non-metal materials, transportation and maintenance, and is easy to serialize and clean the equipment table and cover the machine clothes for upgrading (electric traction). The electric appliance and control system are simple, safe and reliable, which realizes the grouping control of motors. The machine has reasonable design structure, good overall rigid structure, large safety factor, wide supporting range, convenient maintenance and low failure rate. It has reached the domestic advanced level in the design of similar shearers. It is suitable for working faces such as "high-grade general mining", "fully mechanized mining" and top coal caving in medium thick coal seams. It can work under the conditions of coal quality below medium hard, and the coal seams have no hard inclusions or relatively soft rock inclusions that are not thick

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