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Michelin launched a new reinforced tubeless truck product

on March 1, Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. announced the launch of a full wheel reinforced tire product for the Chinese market - Michelin 12r22.5xmultihdz. This is another product for heavy-duty truck users after Michelin first brought two enhanced truck and bus tires to Chinese users last year. This tire combines the dual advantages of tubeless and reinforced tires, and is suitable for the road conditions of national and provincial roads, providing more choices for truck and bus tire users in China

as a tubeless tire with all wheel positions, this tire has the advantages of low operating temperature, slow pin leakage and light weight, which can help the team save fuel consumption costs. At the same time, this reinforced tire has a stronger crown and carcass. Compared with Michelin 12r22.5xze2+, pet aerogel can absorb a lot of oil very quickly. The steel wire content of the tire carcass increases by 14%. Combined with the transformation and development of our city and the extension of the industrial chain, the bead steel wire at the toe mouth is thickened by 30%, and it contains more rubber and new materials, making it more resistant to impact and pricking, greatly increasing the tire mileage and retreading rate, and reducing the operation loss time caused by toe mouth failure. In particular, the design of "protective rubber block" at the bottom of the middle groove of this tire can effectively prevent stone inclusion from damaging the carcass

realize the transmission, processing and comprehensive management of experimental data. This tire is also a new member of Michelin 12R specification series tires. In today's truck and bus tire market in China, a large number of heavy-duty users are still using 11.0 inner tube tires with a certain resistance of 0r20. For these customers, Michelin found that nearly 60% of the tire failures were caused by all kinds of non-human and non accidental failures of the crown, sidewall and toe under heavy load conditions after analyzing the failure statistics of this specification of tires in the past three years. 12r22.5 tubeless tire is the most matching choice when converting 11.00R20 tubeless tire to tubeless tire, which is safer, lighter and more fuel-efficient without losing load-carrying capacity. For truck users with higher load capacity and lower tire failure rate, Michelin 12r22.5xmultihdz tubeless reinforced tire will be a more wise choice

according to statistics, at present, 12R tubeless tires account for about 10% of the radial tire market, and have increased at a high speed of 30 ~ 40% per year in the past three years. In the past few years, Michelin has successively launched three types of 12R tires suitable for different road conditions, which can be equipped with different wheel positions such as full wheel position and drive shaft, with the characteristics of safer, lower failure rate and more fuel-efficient

at the same time, Michelin has launched two user-specific programs for different cities - "carcass repurchase" and "renovation discount". If Michelin 12r22.5xmultihdz tires are purchased within the specified time and meet the Michelin refurbishment standard, Michelin will buy back the tires from the user. Users who purchase this tire within this time will also receive a coupon for Michelin refurbishment

these two exclusive programs are designed to encourage users to maintain and use tires correctly, and further improve the awareness of tire retreading rate and saving tire use costs. While bringing benefits to the majority of truck and bus users in China, the scheme also fully shows Michelin's confidence in its tire products

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