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Michael fryd won the Lavoisier medal

Michael fryd won the Lavoisier medal

2004 bridge has voltage output April 16

DuPont said that the Lavoisier medal in recognition of technical contributions has been awarded to Michael fryd, a retired coating technology through years of hard-working scientists. He plays a great role in the field of advanced automotive coatings. In 2004, the Lavoisier medal was awarded to three scientists in recognition of their outstanding technical contributions

Fred process "Bright prospects. He joined DuPont in 1965 and worked in the company's Marshall laboratory in Philadelphia for 37 years. The company said that his research promoted the development of transparent synthetic resin dispersion varnish for automotive coatings and played a great role in cobalt chain transfer technology in the formulation of aqueous pigment dispersion system for automotive primer and automotive repair coatings. DuPont said that Fred also developed other series of product technologies, including inkjet system, company cyre1, in practice In the process of inspection, l brand flexographic printing technology, and pyralux brand adhesive coating for flexible circuits, etc

the Lavoisier medal is named after Antoine Lavoisier, the father of modern chemistry. It is the mentor of e.i. Du Pont, the founder of DuPont company more than 200 years ago

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