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Mianyang shows multi group gas analysis equipment for full spectrum logging

imagine how easy it will be to detect food quality by pouring milk powder into a bottle and analyzing the content of protein and other components in a few seconds

It can also be used for tensile or contraction, zigzag and shear experiments of plastic, concrete, cement and other metal materials

in the afternoon of November 9, Mianyang Science and Technology City Industrial Research Institute held a press conference, displaying multiple groups of gas analysis equipment for full spectrum logging, which can quickly 319 analyze the gas composition of civil and residential buildings during oil well drilling, so as to clearly judge the degree of oil and gas enrichment. Based on the same principle, this technology will be applied in the field of portable food quality analysis in the future

the principle of this product is spectral analysis, that is, the spectra of different substance components are different. However, due to the mixing of many components, the difficulty of spectral analysis in real life, including beverages, milk powder, and even mixtures of oil and gas, has increased geometrically. A scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprise in Mianyang has built a spectral analysis model through in-depth learning technology, which can analyze its components through the spectrum of the mixture. At present, this product has been applied in oil and gas exploration and other fields

this technology can be applied not only in oil well exploration, but also in food safety testing such as milk powder. Based on this number of times, in the future, spectral recognition chips can also be made and placed in containers. Just pour the object into it, and the impact strength of its components can be analyzed in a few seconds

as we all know, the research and development of spectral technology in China started late. Since the 1980s, China Agricultural University has built a spectrometer laboratory, which officially broke through the research of domestic spectrometer technology. Nowadays, with the gradual opening of China's economic market and the increasing upgrading of industrial technology, the traditional analysis methods can no longer meet the needs of all walks of life. Spectral technology is gradually favored by the market with its efficient, fast, accurate and other performance. In the future, China's spectrum industry will also show huge development potential

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