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The three systems of Creator express help the command center of Guizhou Public Security Bureau

the city is located in the northeast of Guizhou Province, in the hinterland of Wuling mountain area, adjacent to Huaihua City in Hunan Province in the East and Chongqing City in the north. It is a link between Central and southern China and the southwest border, and has always enjoyed the reputation of the gateway of eastern Guizhou. The Municipal Public Security Bureau is a special organ of public security administration and criminal justice with an armed nature. It is responsible for maintaining national security, maintaining the social order of the city, protecting the personal safety, personal freedom and legitimate property of the people of the city, preventing, stopping and punishing illegal and criminal activities, and ensuring the smooth progress of reform and opening up and the socialist modernization drive to 12% And other important tasks

this creator Express has provided a set of targeted high intelligent application solutions for the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and has established a highly intelligent urban emergency command system integrating investigation, decision-making, command and scheduling for the city

the following figure is the system diagram of the emergency command center:

this emergency command structure adjustment has made positive progress. The center is composed of three conference rooms, including the research and judgment room, the police handling room, and the command center hall. The solution designed by Creator Express for the Municipal Public Security Bureau is a powerful combination of networked programmable control system, CM modular HD transmission and switching system, and digital conference system, The three conference rooms of the emergency command center are not only independent, but also interconnected and work together

the following is a brief introduction to the actual operation of the solution:

because the command center integrates communication, command and scheduling, a large number of signals are connected to the site, and scheduling instructions are constantly sent out. Creator fast not only realizes the efficient and orderly management of multiple signals on the site, but also ensures the real-time and convenient control of the whole site in the overall design of the solution

creator's processing ability for complex signals has been widely recognized by customers and users in the industry. Its cm introduced a modular HD switching and transmission system with insurance compensation mechanism at this juncture, providing a perfect solution for all kinds of complex signal management. Creator express relies on the elite R & D team and excellent technical level to independently develop the digital network hybrid card matrix cross series, which can achieve 288 in 288 out. In China, very few manufacturers can achieve such a large matrix switching system. The large matrix in this series (for example, cross7 combines injection molding and in mold texture molding (IMG) into one 272/cross144144/cross288288 in the roll to roll process) has been frequently used in various national military and police institutions and government departments after years of development. It is a rare mature product in the market, and its overall performance is stable, It perfectly supports all kinds of high-definition digital/analog signal switching processing, and supports bidirectional RS-232 and bidirectional IR signal distribution and switching functions, providing a one-stop solution for the distribution and switching processing of various video and control signals in various industries. It is widely used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference hall, large screen display engineering, television teaching, command and control center and other places

in combination with the actual situation of the signal access and output equipment on site, the Municipal Public Security Bureau adopted the creator fast digital network hybrid card matrix cross7272 to comprehensively manage and switch all kinds of complicated and disordered high-definition digital/analog signals on site, including the switching, conversion and doubling of video signals, such as VGA, AV, HDMI, DVI, SDI, etc. All video signal processing in the command center realizes high-definition picture transmission through the cross series hybrid matrix. The leading all digital signal processing technology can ensure signal distortion free processing. The high-definition picture provides superior image display for the emergency command center of Tongren Public Security Bureau

the picture of the device is as follows:

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