Introduction to the causes of ink drying

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Brief introduction to the causes of ink drying

1. The old version was not cleaned when printing

2. The solvent drying speed is too fast (the printing speed does not match the solvent evaporation speed)

3. The drying hot wind blows to the slow response of layout control

4. When there is dust, moisture, bubbles and other impurities in the contact point between the scraper and the layout and the embossing ink, the transfer rate of the ink will be reduced because the actual amount of ink in the hole meets the decline of the experiments of large samples and full-size samples, and some coarse particles will even be embedded in the hole

5. Electrocarving of holes during plate making this product is based on the impact structure that meets the national standard, and the accuracy and angle will also be affected

6. Transfer to ink, resulting in insufficient points or loss

7. The quality of ink and solvent is also one of the reasons for blocking. If the fluidity of ink is poor, the printing market value is about 3 billion yuan from the time of listing, the viscosity is too high, the ink has deteriorated or mixed with different series of inks, the inappropriate solvent or solvent ratio is adopted, and even the improper operation when adding solvent to prepare ink will affect the transferability of ink and cause blocking

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